Interim Orders Tribunals

If we think that restrictions need to be placed on a doctor’s registration while we investigate your concerns, we’ll refer the doctor to an Interim Orders Tribunal (IOT) at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS). This can happen at any point during our investigation.

View the detailed IOT guidance for doctors.

The IOT can only impose an interim order up to a maximum period of 18 months. If the tribunal restricts a doctor’s registration, they will review the restriction every six months, and sooner if there is any reason why it may no longer be appropriate. If we need to extend a restriction beyond the period set by the IOT, we will apply to the High Court for an extension.

All IOT hearings are held in private. This means that whilst the doctor’s name will appear on the MPTS website under their list of recent IOT hearings, no further details regarding the allegations under investigation are released to the public.

We probably won’t need anything from you at this stage. However, we’ll let you know of any restrictions placed on the doctor and if any changes are made to these restrictions throughout the investigation.