Processing your application

You’ll hear from us within five working days

If we can’t complete your application, we'll get in touch to tell you why or ask for further information.

We will end your registration on the day your application to leave is granted, unless you have asked us to end it on a future date.

Please do not assume that your registration has ended until we send you confirmation.

Once you have given up your registration, you cannot work as a medical practitioner in the UK.

Why do I need to apply to give up my registration? 

We ask all doctors to provide evidence when applying to give up their registration.  

We do this to make sure you’re still in good standing with your employer when you leave the register. This helps protect patient safety and  maintain the integrity of the profession. 

The majority of doctors do end their registration with us in good standing. But there can be cases where a doctor seeks to give up their registration before concerns come to our attention.

This is set out in The General Medical Council (Voluntary Erasure and Restoration following Voluntary Erasure) Regulations Order of Council 2004.