Digital identity check pilot

We’re piloting a new mobile app which will allow doctors to complete their GMC identity check. If you’ve been selected to take part in the pilot, we’ll email you with the information you need to complete your identity check.

If you’ve not been contacted and your application to join our register has been approved, we’ll grant your registration without an identity check.

Guidance on identity checks

This guide includes information about completing an identity check.

To join the register or restore your registration

All doctors joining the register must complete a GMC identity check, as well as those who want to restore their registration. We’ll email you with information about how to complete your identity check as part of your application.

You must complete your identity check within three months – if you don’t, you’ll have to start a new application. 

To join the register after passing PLAB

You’ll have completed an identity check when you sat the PLAB 2 test, so you won’t need to do it again.

If you joined the register without an identity check earlier in the pandemic

When our office closed earlier in the pandemic, we granted registration for some doctors without an identity check. However, it’s important for all doctors to complete one. 

When we're able to offer you an identity check, we'll email you to explain what you need to do.

Why should you read this guide?
To find out more about our identity checks process.
What will this guide help you with?
It gives you more information about how to complete your identity check as part of your registration.