Your results

Your results will be available six weeks after you take the exam. We'll send you an email to access your results in the 'My Tests' section of GMC Online. We can't give results over the phone, by fax or in person.

Exam and result dates for recent and upcoming PLAB 1 tests

Exam date

Result date

 10 August 2023  21 September 2023 from approximately 9am
 2 November 2023  14 December 2023 from approximately 9am
 15 February 2024  27 March 2024 by 4pm
 23 May 2024  4 July 2024 from approximately 9am

Understanding your results

We group the skill areas under three main headings or 'domains'.

  • Applying knowledge and experience to clinical practice
  • Good clinical care: assessment
  • Good clinical care: management

Each correct answer is worth one mark and the total number of correct answers will be your score. We will tell you your total score, the score required to pass the exam and the average score for all candidates. We will also tell you the percentage of the questions you answered correctly in each of the three domains.

How do we set the pass mark?

We set the pass mark for each test using the internationally recognised Angoff method and include one standard error of measurement.

By doing this, we make sure the level at which we set the pass mark is consistent over time. It reflects what we expect of a doctor entering their second year of Foundation Programme training.

After each test a team of experts reviews the question paper in light of how candidates have performed, to make sure all the questions and answers are fair. Candidates are at all stages of their career and there is no expected pass rate or average score.

We may change our standard setting procedures from time to time without notice.