Transition from medical school to Foundation training

Entering foundation training

The importance of sharing information

Postgraduate educators and doctors in training have a shared responsibility to make sure the right information is known about a doctor's health.

Not sharing information with postgraduate educators may lead to them not knowing that a doctor in training needs support. It may also cause problems for doctors in training, because they do not receive the support they need to work and train early enough. In some cases it may lead to concerns about a doctor's behaviour, when the behaviour is related to lack of support.

Less than full time training

Less than full time training may help disabled doctors. Postgraduate educators can inform disabled doctors about the possibility of less than full time training, and direct them towards relevant information and guidance.

Any doctor in training in a substantive post can apply for less than full time training. Less than full time training can be done in three ways:

  • in a full time slot
  • in a slot share
  • as a supernumerary doctor.

The minimum percentage for doctors in less than full time training should be 50% of full time training. In exceptional individual circumstances, postgraduate deans have flexibility to reduce the time requirement for less than full time training to less than 50% of full-time. However, doctors in training should not normally undertake a placement at less than 50% for a period of more than 12 months. No trainee should undertake a placement at less than 20% of full time (see GMC position statement: Conditions for less than full-time training, November 2017).

The postgraduate dean considers and approves requests for less than full time training posts. It is helpful if doctors tell their deanery, HEE local team or foundation school that they wish to do less than full time training as early as possible.

Decisions by the postgraduate dean or nominated representative only relate to educational support for the doctor's less than full time training application. Employers will make a separate decision about the employment aspects of any request, including the proposed placement and any associated out of hours work. Notifying an employer as early as possible about a doctor in training's intention of working less than full time can help. The guardian of safe working can also be involved in the less than full time training decision making.

The support for less than full time training is echoed in the Foundation Programme Reference Guide 2017 (pages 46-50) and the Gold Guide (8th edition, paragraphs 3.112 - 3.139.

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