Transition from medical school to Foundation training

Key messages from this chapter

  • Medical schools must only graduate medical students that meet all of the outcomes for graduates and are deemed fit to practise.
  • There are two processes that disabled learners, medical schools and foundation schools can use to make sure incoming foundation doctors are allocated to an appropriate post for their training. These are the Transfer of Information (TOI) process and the Special Circumstances pre-allocation process.
    • The TOI process communicates information to the foundation school (via the TOI form) to put support and reasonable adjustments in place.
    • Pre-allocation on the grounds of Special circumstances is a separate process to allocate graduates to a specific location for their foundation post.
  • Postgraduate educators and doctors in training have a shared responsibility to make sure the right information is known about a doctor's health.
  • Less than full time training may help disabled doctors. Postgraduate educators can inform disabled doctors about the possibility of less than full time training, and direct them towards relevant information and guidance.