Programme and site approvals

Deaneries and local offices must check that their training locations meet the standards set out in Promoting excellence.

These standards include providing appropriate supervision and opportunities to meet curriculum requirements. Deaneries must also check training locations to make sure they continue to meet our standards.

Doctors' posts often cover a variety of different locations. This is more common in some specialties than in others. Deaneries and local offices therefore need to make sure training and assessment takes place in environments that meet our standards.

To view the list of approved programmes or training sites by deanery or local office, please see our list of approved programmes and sites. This list is updated fortnightly.

To view the list of approved sites that have GMC conditions attached, please see our list of approved locations with conditions

When is approval needed?
Generally approval should be applied for if a location is used for more than two sessions or one day a week. There will be some locations (such as a patient’s home) that will be important to the training experience but not appropriate to apply our standards to. 
What happens if a location is not approved?
If a location isn’t approved, the achievement of curricula outcomes should not count towards the award of a certificate of completion of training (CCT). This means the doctor’s completion of training date may be pushed back.