Local office or deanery administrators

As a local office/deanery administrator you have a responsibility to check that the information you submit is complete and accurate. If there is inaccurate or missing information, this could delay the approvals process.

How do I submit an approval request?

You can do this through GMC Connect. See our  approvals process user guide for help.

When submitting a programme approval request, you may need to provide a letter of endorsement from the relevant royal college or faculty - see below for more information. All new programme requests are reviewed by the GMC and processed within ten working days.

In most instances, location approval requests will be automatically approved. If a location approval request includes a location that is not on our system, it will be manually reviewed and you may be asked to provide further information. These location approval requests will be reviewed and processed within ten working days.

How do I access GMC Connect?

If you already have a GMC Connect account you can log in through this GMC Connect link.
Or the link is available in the footer across our website.

If you don't yet have an account, email quality@gmc-uk.org with your full name and organisation and include a reason you need access (eg to process programme and location approvals).

When do I need endorsement from the royal college or faculty?

When you are creating a new programme, you must ask for endorsement from the relevant royal college or faculty. They will provide their endorsement back to you via a recognised college or faculty email address.

You should check with the college or faculty to find out what information they will need to endorse a new programme.

You don’t need college or faculty support for:

  • foundation programmes
  • broad based training
  • adding or removing a location to an existing programme.

How do I merge existing programmes?

You should email quality@gmc-uk.org with details of the programme codes to be merged. Please note that we can’t merge programmes during the survey period (usually between March and May).

What is a session?

A session is classed as a half day. This can't be calculated as a percentage of a doctor’s time. Whether the doctor is full time or less than full time one session will always be half a day.

This does not translate into a percentage of a set period. So if a doctor spends one session in a location one week, but three sessions in that location the following week, you must have approval.

What is a location code?

The Organisation Data Service (ODS) publishes codes that identify organisations and individuals across health and social care for England and a table of codes for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. By using this unique identifying code we can be sure we are approving and monitoring the correct location.

If you are requesting approval of a new location which doesn't have an ODS code, please apply to ODS for a code before making a submission to us.

If the location is not an NHS location you must provide us with the full address of the location.

What do I need to do if a location has changed address?

If ODS updates the code when a location changes we will contact you to check whether the location should continue to be approved. We update our database monthly. If you identify a change before it registers in our system please let us know so we can update our database.

If the change won’t result in a new ODS code for your approved location you don’t need to do anything.

How do I remove a location because it is no longer required?

You can do this through GMC Connect.

Our location removal user guide explains how to submit a request.

Location removal requests will be processed automatically.

What approval do I need for a dual CCT?

If competences are gained for both programmes in a location, then the location should be approved for both programmes. If the competences gained only relate to one programme, then the location only needs to be approved for the relevant programme.

For example; a general internal medicine/geriatric medicine doctor in training is due to start in a new location. Approval for geriatric medicine would not be required if they will only be gaining competencies in general internal medicine.