Colleges and faculties

While you are no longer required to review each new location proposed for training, you may be asked for support in assessing whether a new location is appropriate, i.e., that it will offer sufficient opportunities to meet curriculum and assessment requirements and that appropriate supervision for trainees and support for trainers is in place.

You may also identify concerns about a training location not complying with our standards through your local networks or service review visits (if you undertake them). Any concerns should be shared with the local office/deanery and escalated to us if verified and not addressed.

For any new programmes, you will be asked for assistance in reviewing whether the combination of locations proposed across the programme will enable trainees to meet the requirements of the curriculum and assessment system.

You should be clear and proportionate in the information you request from local offices/deaneries when they request an endorsement.

College/faculty endorsement emails must be from a recognised college/faculty email address.