How we can help you raise a concern

The quickest and easiest way for most people to raise a concern with us is by using our online form.

However, if using the online form isn't possible for you, there are following alternatives:

Accessible form

Form for people with a learning disability

You can email these forms to:

Unfortunately we’re currently unable to receive forms through the post as our staff are working from home, following the UK government’s advice on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

If you need any of our publications in Welsh, please email and let us know which ones.

Reasonable adjustments for people with a disability

If you have a disability and would like assistance in raising your concern, call us on 0161 923 6602. An adviser can discuss the options with you.

Using an advocate

Some people prefer to use an advocate to help them raise a concern about a doctor. An advocate could be a relative, a friend, or someone who helps you manage your daily affairs. They can help you to complete the form, or help you to communicate with us, including speaking on your behalf. We're happy for you to use an advocate, though we will ask you to agree that you are happy for this person to advocate on your behalf.