What is a performance assessment?

A performance assessment is an assessment of the standard of your professional performance. It provides us with an independent opinion regarding your fitness to practise. The purpose of the assessment is not to investigate whether any allegations made against you are true or to investigate any specific allegations.

Your assessment will be completed by a team of independent assessors. They'll provide us with a report which will describe your professional performance and give the team’s opinion on your fitness to practise. The team may also make recommendations on the management of your case.  These will be considered but any decisions about the next steps will be taken by us.  

The assessment will last between one and five days. The content of the assessment will depend on your specialty, the nature of your work, and whether you're currently in work. All assessments are completed under Schedule 1 of the Fitness to Practise Rules (2004) and Schedule 4 (section 5) of the Medical Act 1983.