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The privileges and duties of doctors: UK statutes

The duties of a doctor

All doctors who are registered with the GMC, whether or not they have a licence to practise, have a duty to comply with our guidance Good medical practice.

The privileges of licensed medical practitioners

A doctor who is registered with a licence to practise is permitted to carry out certain activities and required to fulfil certain duties (often referred to as ‘privileges’). These include the right to prescribe prescription-only medicine or sign death certificates.

Doctors who are registered without a licence to practise cannot exercise these privileges.

There is a summary and seven further documents below showing in more detail the privileges and duties divided into categories.

Please be aware that, in this context, the terms used to refer to a ‘doctor’ or ‘practitioner’, and in particular, the term ‘registered medical practitioner’, all refer to a doctor who is registered with a licence to practise with the GMC.

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