What should I do if I decide to give up my licence?

I’ve decided to give up my licence. What should I do? 

If you are going to give up your licence, but still intend to carry out activities linked to medicine in some capacity, it is your responsibility to establish that a licence is not required for the work that you will be doing. 

Make a record

We recommend you make a record of the discussions you’ve had and the reasons for your decision. And that you keep your decision under review as the law, any contractual requirements or the nature of your work can change over time.

Be clear with patients

You must be absolutely clear with any patients or service users that you do not have a licence. Always remember: it is a criminal offence for an unlicensed doctor to say or do anything intended to suggest or give the impression that they hold a licence to practise. 

Who you need to get in touch with 

You must tell your employer or those who contract your services that you have given up your licence. 

You should also contact your medical defence organisation, your insurance or indemnity provider, and your responsible officer or suitable person to let them know.

Plan for future applications

If you intend to restore your licence at a later date, it may be helpful to make a plan for how you will obtain the documents needed for your application. We know that doctors want to be licensed without unnecessary delay so the application process has been designed to be as straightforward as possible, but there is some evidence the law says we must obtain before we can restore your licence.