Using your registered name and number

Your registered name is your full name as it appears on the medical register. Your GMC reference number is the unique, seven digit number we give you. It stays with you throughout your career.

Patients, employers and others use these details to identify you and confirm your status on the medical register.

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When should I use my name and reference number?

 It's good practice to display your registered name and GMC reference number:

  • at your place of work
  • on your professional website
  • in medical records
  • in letters, emails and reports that you write.

Shortening your name in day to day contact with patients or colleagues is acceptable, but you must:

  • use your full registered name when signing statutory documents (including prescriptions)
  • know your GMC reference number
  • make your registered name and GMC reference number available to anyone who asks.

How do I change my name on the register? 

To change your name on the medical register, you'll need to send us evidence, such as a marriage certificate or old and new passports.

Change my name on the medical register