Maintain your registration

To maintain your registration you'll need to keep your contact details up to date and pay your annual retention fee.

Update your details in GMC Online

You need to keep your details up to date in GMC Online. This includes:

  • address
  • email
  • designated body or suitable person (revalidation)
  • direct debit details.

You can use GMC Online to change your details on the medical register too.  

Changing your address

It is important to make sure your registered address is always current. The best way to keep your address and other contact details up to date is to change them in GMC Online. You can update your registered address and other contact details using our enquiry form.

Remember, if you do not maintain a reliable address you may be removed from the register.

Changing your name

If you have changed your name and you wish to be registered in a different name to the one in which you are currently registered, you should complete the change of name form. Send this to us with a scanned copy of the evidence for your change of name.

The form will tell you what evidence to send. Please note that we can only change your name based on an email if it comes from the email address we hold on your record. You can check your registered email address in GMC Online

Changing your name and gender status

Good medical practice requires you to make sure that you are identifiable to your patients and colleagues, for example by using your registered name when signing statutory documents including prescriptions.

If you want to practise in a name and gender status that is different to your registered name and gender status, please telephone us for details on how to do this. You will be put through to one of our experienced advisers who will help you through this very straight forward process. Your call will be confidential. 

The application process

We will email you an application form. Once complete, please return it to us with documentary evidence of your old and new name. This is usually a passport in your previous name and a passport in your new name. But, if you don’t have this, we can consider alternative forms of evidence.

Please note that we can only make changes if correspondence and documentation comes from the email address we hold on your record. You can check your registered email address in GMC Online.

Your application will be confidential. Please note that you don’t need to provide any evidence of your change in gender status.

We will work with you to make the process as easy as we can. Timescales vary depending on your individual circumstances but, once we have the necessary evidence, we’ll make the changes on the date you’ve requested.

Changing your name and gender status on the register

Two separate register entries will appear on the medical register. One will be under your old name and gender status and another will be in your new name and gender status. Both entries have a different GMC reference number and there will be no link between them to protect your confidentiality.