Download the register

Download the entire medical register

You can subscribe to download the entire medical register for £600 (+VAT) per year.

Each day you’ll be able to download the full up-to-date register and see any updates that were made the day before. You can import the file into an existing database or system you use. Medical staffing officers use it to add the latest registration data to their personnel systems. 

The medical register does not contain doctors' contact details. 

Subscribe to the medical register.

How do you transfer the information?

Companies that subscribe are given a licence for a secure web portal system that we manage. They can log in and download the information.

We are committed to keeping information about doctors secure. We are accredited to the international information security standard ISO27001. We protect our IT infrastructure in line with industry standards and good practice. Independent experts audit our systems and processes. Our staff complete information security and data protection training every year.

Who controls the information shared through this service?

The GMC is the data controller. Under Section 34 of the Medical Act 1983, we're required to publish registration information about doctors ('electronically or otherwise'). A doctor does not have a choice as to whether their registration information published or shared through this service.

As of 1 February 2019, all licence agreements and invoices relating to the medical register download service will be issued by GMC Services International Limited (GMCSI), a subsidiary of the GMC.

What happens if a company misuses the information?

When a company subscribes to download the medical register they sign a legal agreement with us. It says that they're not allowed to republish the data without our permission. If the information is being misused, we'll investigate and may take away their subscription. 

If you think an organisation is misusing the information we supply, please contact us by emailing and we'll investigate.