Types of registration

Below are the main types of registration which allow doctors to work in different posts in the UK. All doctors practising medicine in the UK must hold one of these types of registration along with a licence to practise.

Provisional registration

Provisional registration with a licence to practise allows doctors to work in approved UK Foundation Year 1 post. It cannot be used for any other purpose.

Our guide to provisional registration

Full registration

Doctors need full registration with a licence to practise to work in unsupervised medical practice or in an approved Foundation Year 2 programme.

What is full registration? 

Specialist registration

Most doctors taking up consultant posts in a medical or surgical specialty in any of the UK health services (other than as locum consultants) should hold full with specialist registration and a licence to practice.

The specialist register

GP registration

Since 1 April 2006, all doctors working as a GP in the UK health service must be on the GP Register, other than doctors in training, such as GP registrars. This requirement extends to locums. They also need to be on a GP performers' list. Our General practice in the UK page explains more about processes GPs need to follow before they can work in the UK.

The GP register