Licence restoration

Restoring your licence to practise if you were up to date with revalidation when you gave it up

If you decide to restore your licence and you were up to date with your revalidation when you gave it up, it’s relatively straightforward to get it back.

The average time for licence restoration during the period from August 2016 to August 2017 was 22 days. You can apply for restoration up to three months in advance.

You'll need to send us:

  • evidence to confirm your identity
  • statements from the organisations you have most recently provided medical services to
  • certificates of good standing from any other regulators you’ve been registered with in the past five years.

We might also ask you to attend an identity check. But we'll tell you once we have granted your application, and you are registered with a licence to practise.

Find out more about how to restore your licence.

Restoring your licence to practise if you were not up to date with revalidation when you gave it up

If we withdrew your licence because you failed to meet our requirements for revalidation (without a reasonable excuse), you will need to meet those outstanding requirements before we can restore your licence.

We will have told you which requirements you failed to meet when we withdrew your licence. You should consider if you have now met these requirements before you apply to restore your licence.

If we restore your licence, we'll give you a new revalidation submission date. This date will depend on your previous registration and revalidation history. In some circumstances, we may set your next revalidation submission date sooner than the usual five year period. For example:

  • if you previously failed to engage with revalidation
  • if you gave up and restored your licence a number of times, with the result that you have not revalidated at any point in the previous five years.

Revalidating before licence restoration

In very limited circumstances, we may ask you to revalidate before deciding whether to restore your licence. This is unlikely if you relinquished your licence due to maternity leave or had a break in practice because of ill-health.

The circumstances where we may need this are if:

  • you have not revalidated within the five years before you applied to restore your licence
  • we consider that you gave up and then restored your licence to avoid revalidation.