Holding registration without a licence to practise

Benefits of giving up your licence

If you don't hold a licence to practise (either because we withdraw it or you choose to give it up), you:

  • do not have to revalidate
  • will remain on the medical register without a licence to practise
  • your entry on the medical register will be updated to show you no longer have a licence
  • pay a reduced fee
  • must not undertake any of the privileges associated with having a licence.

Some doctors may find that the reason they find it difficult to fulfil our revalidation requirements is because they do not need a licence to practise.

If you're not practising medicine in the UK, but would like to be able to continue to show you are in good standing with us, you can hold registration only. Find more information on when you might consider giving up your licence, and in section 1.2 of our Guidance for doctors: requirements for revalidation and maintaining your licence.

Voluntary erasure from the medical register

Some doctors may choose to entirely remove their name from the register. Find more information on applying for voluntary erasure.