Monitoring and evaluating revalidation

We're working with others to monitor the implementation and impact of revalidation.

Taking revalidation forward – Sir Keith Pearson’s review

In 2016, the independent chair of the former Revalidation Advisory Board, Sir Keith Pearson, reviewed the operation and impact of revalidation.

He published his report in January 2017. Since then, we've worked with organisations and groups to discuss the recommendations and develop a plan to implement them. 

Long-term evaluation of the impact of revalidation

We commissioned an independent UK-wide collaboration of researchers, UMbRELLA (UK Medical Revalidation Evaluation coLLAboration), led by Plymouth University to carry out a long-term evaluation of revalidation to explore its impact and consider ways to shape it in the future. UMbRELLA has now concluded its evaluation and its final report including a summary of its findings is available in our research and insight hub.