Evidence of income

As income discount is based on your earnings, we may ask you for evidence of your gross annual income to support your application.

The evidence we ask for may include:

  • proof of earnings – copies of three payslips within the year the discount was applied, a copy of your P60, or an end of year tax statement (P21)
  • details of any self-employed income, such as an end of year tax statement (SA302)
  • a statement showing pension, social security benefits or tax credits paid to you
  • a statement showing any interest or dividends from savings and investments
  • copies of three bank statements within the year the discount was applied.

If we ask for information or evidence of your income and you’re not able to supply it, we may withdraw your discount.

Confirming your income annually

Income discount is not automatically applied each year so you’ll need to confirm your eligibility at the end of every annual retention fee period.

If you start earning over the threshold part way through a year, you must take withdraw your discount.

You can confirm or withdraw your discount through these channels. You only need to complete Part B of the Income discount application form when you confirm or withdraw your discount.