When should I apply for provisional registration?

When should I apply?

If you are a final year medical student at a UK medical school we’ll send you an email and text message in the last week of April inviting you to apply for provisional registration.

If you have already graduated from a UK medical school you should apply for provisional registration three months before you’re due to start work.

Remember – you can't start your F1 post until we've granted you provisional registration with a licence to practise.

What if I want to take time off before starting F1?

You don't need to apply for registration until you’re due to start work in the UK. If you intend to take time out of your medical career, please read Good medical practice, particularly paragraphs 7 to 13 on keeping your knowledge and skills up to date.

We don't specify a maximum time between graduating from medical school and beginning F1. But the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) has different criteria for graduates who wait more than two years before joining the programme. You can find contact details on the Foundation Programme websiteYou should also speak to your medical school for further advice.

I'm on the Foundation Programme reserve list. Should I apply for provisional registration?

You should still apply for registration three months before F1 is due to start in case you get a place late in the process.

If you don't get a place and want to withdraw your application, email UK@gmc-uk.org.

  • If we’ve not processed your application, we’ll withdraw it and refund your application fee.

  • If we have processed your application you can apply for voluntary erasure. We’ll give you a partial refund, depending on how many days you have held registration.