What resources should you use to prepare?

Here are some useful resources which you can use to help you prepare for the PLAB 2 exam.

The PLAB test blueprint - exams before 17 May 2024

The PLAB test blueprint is a guide to what the exam covers and can help you prepare. It sets out the core knowledge, skills and behaviours you’re expected to demonstrate in the exam and UK practice. All the topics and skills needed to pass are covered in the blueprint.

If you are taking a test prior to 17 May 2024, your exam will be mapped against the PLAB test blueprint.

The MLA content map – exams on or after 17 May 2024

Exams taking place on or after 17 May 2024 will be mapped against the Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) content map. This will replace the PLAB blueprint and can be used to help you prepare for your exam in a similar way. 

If you’ve previously used the PLAB blueprint to help you prepare, and you are sitting a test that will take place on or after 17 May 2024, then you should now refer to the MLA content map instead.

The Foundation Programme curriculum

All the topics and skill areas covered by the MLA content map match those typically faced by doctors starting the second year of their UK Foundation Programme training. This is how we make sure doctors who pass the PLAB test are at the same level as UK-qualified doctors. 

Read the Foundation Programme curriculum.

Guidance and interactive tools

Good medical practice is our core advice to doctors on the standards we expect of them. You will be expected to demonstrate the professional values and behaviours set out in Good medical practice when you take the exam and when you practise as a doctor in the UK.

You can build and test your knowledge of Good medical practice using:


You don't need to attend a study or coaching course to pass, but many candidates choose to do so. We don't offer courses and we do not endorse or monitor the quality of courses given by others.

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