Our appeal of the original sanction

Our assessment, informed by external legal advice, was that in reaching their decision to suspend Dr Bawa-Garba, the medical practitioners tribunal wrongly revisited the findings of the criminal court and the basis which the jury reached its verdict. This led us to believe that the tribunal had not acted lawfully and this is what we challenged in our appeal. 

On 25 January 2018, the Divisional Court agreed with our appeal that Dr Bawa-Garba should be removed from the medical register. This overruled the medical practitioners tribunal’s original decision to suspend Dr Bawa-Garba from the register for 12 months. On Monday 13 August 2018, the Court of Appeal overturned this decision and Dr Bawa-Garba will be restored to the medical register.

The full judgment from the Divisional Court is available on the British and Irish Legal Information Institute’s website. Our original FAQ on the judgment is published in the news section of our website.