Addressing wider issues

Every day, our liaison teams speak with doctors on the frontline and patients in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. And our leadership team regularly meets with organisations that represent both doctors and patients across the UK. We’ve used these opportunities to better understand the concerns we’ve heard about this case – particularly, the impact of systems pressures on the care they’re providing for patients. 

We’re determined to do all we can to address these issues and continue our work to improve how we support doctors and promote patient safety. Our priorities are:

  • acting on the recommendations in the independent review of how gross negligence manslaughter and culpable homicide laws are applied to medical practice
  • helping to support doctors as reflective practitioners
  • making sure doctors at all career stages feel confident to raise patient safety concerns
  • treating doctors fairly
  • improving medical students’ and doctors’ wellbeing
  • induction and support for doctors returning to work or starting a new role.