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You can see all our published news stories since 2017 here.

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Your new GMC website is here

News | 8 Apr 2018
Our new website has been designed around you, to provide a better online experience.

Doctors’ reflections should be legally protected

News | 28 Mar 2018
We've called for doctors reflections to be legally protected at the Williams Review into Gross Negligence Manslaughter

Brexit impact must be central to workforce plan

News | 23 Mar 2018
We’ve urged workforce planners to seriously consider the impact of Brexit while developing a new strategy for the NHS.

Responding to the case of Dr Bawa-Garba

News | 29 Mar 2018
Answers to your questions about the case of Dr Bawa-Garba and what we've done since the High Court judgment.

National training surveys ask doctors about burnout

News | 19 Mar 2018
We’ve asked doctors about the impact of burnout and exhaustion on their medical education and training.

Enhanced monitoring update for postgraduate training

News | 21 Feb 2018
Our quarterly update of postgraduate training sites which are subject to enhanced monitoring is published.

Sponsor announced to support workshop for doctors new to UK practice

News | 5 Feb 2018
ID Medical to sponsor our workshops for doctors new to UK practice

Outdated and inflexible legislation stops us supporting doctors and protecting patients

News | 24 Jan 2018
We've called for reforms to regulatory legislation so we can adapt to changing demands.

Data-sharing agreement could threaten patient confidentiality

News | 17 Jan 2018
We've announced information on an evidence session which considers the impact of a data sharing on patient confidentiality

Work begins on a new Medical Licensing Assessment

News | 14 Dec 2017
Work begins on Medical Licensing Assessment.

Regulation of medical associates will bolster workforce

News | 11 Dec 2017
We believe a properly regulated medical associate professions could grow to significantly strengthen health services.

Medical training too reliant on doctors' goodwill

News | 27 Nov 2017
Our latest training environments report has warned the education and training we deliver is too reliant on the goodwill of senior colleagues acting as trainers.