Measuring the impact of our corporate strategy

The GMC has published survey data and research from patients, healthcare bodies and doctors which will be used as a baseline to measure the impact of its corporate strategy. 

The data will help inform progress against a number of the aims underpinning the GMC’s corporate strategy, including:

  • Supporting doctors in delivering good medical practice for patients
  • Strengthening collaboration with regulatory partners
  • Strengthening our relationship with the public and profession

"It’s vital that we listen to the profession in order to improve their working lives and patient safety. "

Paul Buckley

Director of Strategy and Policy for the GMC

The research was carried out in August and September 2018, and heard the views of more than 3,300 doctors, 2,100 patients and members of the public, and 50 stakeholders. It shows that public confidence in doctors and the way that doctors are regulated remains high, although confidence in the GMC among the profession reduced over the last year following the Jack Adcock/Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba case. Most stakeholders and responsible officers (senior doctors in organisations who make recommendations about doctors’ revalidation) felt that the GMC takes early action to protect patients, addresses the right type of concerns and deals appropriately with complaints.

The findings mirror trends over recent years across the health service where confidence in national organisations has reduced, during which time the junior doctors dispute and high demand on the health service have affected how doctors feel about their work and the systems they work in.

Paul Buckley, Director of Strategy and Policy for the GMC, said: ‘It’s vital that we listen to the profession in order to improve their working lives and patient safety. This survey was conducted following a number of significant events for the medical workforce, and it is clear that doctors’ feeling are reflected in the response. We are determined to rebuild relationships with the profession to support doctors in delivering high quality patient care, which is central to our corporate strategy.

‘There are a wide range of factors which contribute to doctors’ experience of their career, regulation and the health system, including many beyond our immediate control like availability of funding. But that should not prevent us from taking steps, both as an individual organisation and in partnership with others, to make a positive difference to patient and doctor safety.’

Findings of the survey

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