GMC Connect user guide

Document folders

Accessing documents

We use Document Folders to share documents. Access to individual folders will be provided by the GMC Connect administrators as required.

A screenshot from the GMC Connect homepage, highlighting the 'document folders' option

Listed in this screen are the document folders that the GMC has shared with you.


Downloading a document

To download a document, click on the link within the Document Folder.

The time it takes to download a file will depend on the size of the file and the speed of your internet connection.

Uploading a document

To upload a file, click on the 'add document' button.

Click on the Choose file button to begin choosing a document. A window will appear prompting you to select a file to upload. 
A screenshot of the document upload screen
Select a file and enter a description of the file to be uploaded. 

  Click on upload.

A screenshot of the document upload screen, highlighting the 'description' field

Once uploaded, your document will be shown in the document folder.


Adding a new version of a document

If you need to add an updated version of a document, you should upload this as a separate document, naming it appropriately, e.g. version 2.

Removing a document

Documents that have been uploaded to GMC Connect are locked down so they cannot be removed or modified. If you accidentally upload a file into the wrong folder, contact the GMC Connect administrator, who can move the file for you.

Having trouble with documents?

Accepted document types

The accepted files extensions that can be uploaded to GMC Connect are as follows:

bmp. csv. dat. doc. docx. dot. dotx. fdf. gif. jpg. msg. mpp. mp3. mp4. pdf. pps. ppt. pptx. rar. rtf. txt. wav. xls. xlsx. zip. 

If the file type is not listed here, it cannot be uploaded to GMC Connect.

Correct file type

We will not be able to open files that have, for example, two file types file.xlsx.exe

In this case, please save the file as a standard excel file .xls rather than .xlsx and without the .exe file extension.

Acceptable document size:

You can upload documents that are a maximum of 100mb.

The larger the file the longer it will take to upload depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Zip files

You can't open Zip files in GMC Connect on an iPad, please use another device such as a laptop or tablet if you need to open a Zip file. 

Folder forum

The forum function allows you to post comments against a document folder. Note that comments that are posted are visible to all users who have access to the folder, including internal users at the GMC.

To view the comments held within a Document Folder, click on View Forum.