GMC Connect user guide

Can’t access GMC Connect

Please make sure you are using the correct link to log into GMC Connect. You can access GMC Connect from the footer of any page across the GMC website.

Email address

I tried logging into GMC Connect but when I add my email address it says it already exists.

It is likely you have already provided us with your email address when logging in to GMC Online.  Sign-in using your email address and password and you will be prompted to link your GMC Connect account.

My internet crashed while I was setting up a new user.  I have tried to create a new user again but it won’t accept my email address.

Use the 'I can already sign in with my email address' link to sign in with your email and continue with the signing up process.


I've clicked Forgotten Password and it says "We are having difficulty retrieving your information"

This usually means we can’t send you a One Time Password by email so we can authenticate your account. Please call our contact centre to check your contact details are up to date.

I'm trying to set up my new login and use my old password, but it says it's not acceptable.

Our new login service is more secure so your password must be between eight and 16 characters long. It needs to have at least three of the following four: capital letter(s), lower case letter(s), number(s), symbol(s).

Where can I change my password?

Click into the profile area in the top right corner of our website once you’re logged in and go to “Account Settings”. You can change your password from there.

My internet used to remember my password for me but now it doesn’t.

Your internet won’t “remember” your details because our log in page has moved. Your browser should remember your new details after you’ve logged in for the first time. If it doesn’t, you should check your internet settings.

If you’ve forgotten your password, click the “Forgot password” link.

I haven’t received the One Time Password (OTP) email, what should I do?

Our OTP email may take a minute or two to arrive. They are addressed from Please check your junk email folder or any other folder your emails are diverted to if it doesn’t arrive. If you still can’t find the email please call us to check we have the correct email address for you.

I have received my One Time Password (OTP) but I closed my internet.  How do I enter it?

If you didn’t complete the OTP process, simply start the process again. Your original OTP will expire after 20 minutes, but you can request a new one if required.

I'm trying to sign up, but when I enter the One Time Password (OTP) it tells me I already have an account.

Try to log in again, but on the sign-up form click ‘I can already sign in with my email address’. Enter your email address and password on the next page. You can choose to reset your password if you have forgotten it.

I want to use a different email addresses for correspondence and logging into my GMC Connect account. Can I do that?

Yes, your correspondence email address and login email address can be different or the same. If you would like to update your email addresses, please get in touch with your contact at the GMC.

Login error messages

There is not enough space on the disk

This means there is an issue with your account. Please get in touch with your GMC Connect administrator and they will be able to guide you further.

520 Server error

This error message occurs when our server doesn’t respond. Please try logging in again to GMC Connect.

Account expiry

If you can’t log in, your account may have expired. Please contact your GMC Connect administrator for support and we can reactivate your account.