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Here you can find a collection of resources exploring how to apply our guidance in practice, focusing on areas doctors often ask us about, or have told us they find challenging. These pages will help you address important ethical issues and incorporate good practice into your work.

Speaking up

Speaking up, raising concerns, whistleblowing. However you describe it, we know it can be daunting. On these pages you'll find advice and tools to help you follow the processes set out in our guidance.

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Adult safeguarding

As a doctor, it is likely you may come into contact with someone who is at risk of, or suffering from abuse or neglect. This topic explores the underlying principles which define adult safeguarding, the different types of abuse, and what you should do when an adult who appears to be at risk refuses help.

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Learning disabilities

If your patient has a learning disability it is important to consider how to make your practice accessible. This topic explores the concept of diagnostic overshadowing, advice on good communication and reasonable adjustments, and how you can work effectively with carers.


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Mental capacity

As a doctor it is your duty to help your patients make decisions about their care. This topic explores what to consider when assessing capacity, how to maximise your patient’s capacity, and what to do if they lack the capacity to make decisions about their treatment or care.

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Older adults

A patient’s age shouldn’t determine the standard of treatment and care they receive, but older adults often experience a poorer quality of care compared to the wider population. This topic explores how to involve older adults in their care, what the law says about treating older patients, and practical advice on advance care planning.


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Remote consultations

Remote consultations are on the increase, and while they can offer many benefits, there are also potential risks. This topic explores how to decide whether a remote consultation is appropriate, the key points to remember when consulting via phone, video link or online, and what to do if you have patient safety concerns.

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Trans healthcare

Trans and non-binary people experience the same health problems as the general population, but there are some changes you can make so your practice is more inclusive for trans patients. This topic explores working in collaboration with gender identity clinics, disclosing gender history, and advice on prescribing unlicensed medicines and bridging prescriptions.