How can postgraduate training organisations apply their duties?

Return to work

Doctors in training must have appropriate support on returning to a programme following a break from practice, including for health reasons. Taking time out of training is a recognised as a normal and expected part of many doctors' progression, for a variety of reasons including health.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has guidance for Return to Practice, including a return to practice action plan, setting up an organisational policy on return to practice and recommended questions and actions for planning an absence and a doctor's return.

HEE recently launched a programme for supporting doctors returning to training after time out. Supported return to training is available across England and includes things like accelerated learning and refresher courses, supported and enhanced supervision, mentoring, and help with accessing supernumerary periods. Doctors in training can contact their local HEE office directly for arranging support to return.

Panel 18: Resources for career planning and return to work for doctors in training

Panel 18

Career planning

  • BMA Careers: Career advice for several stages in doctors' careers
  • BMJ Careers: A selection of articles on medical careers
  • Health Careers: Information on being a doctor, including career opportunities, different roles for doctors, switching specialty, and returning to medicine
  • Royal Medical Benevolent Fund: The health and wellbeing section of the RMBF includes career advice articles, including careers outside medicine
  • Doctors Support Network: Information on professional support and coaching for doctors with mental health concerns
  • Medical Success: Advice on alternative careers outside medicine
  • Each deanery or HEE local team will have information about career support on their website.

Return to work

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