Professional behaviour and fitness to practise

Supporting trainees entering practice as students move to F1

  1. The Supporting Trainees Entering Practice (STEP) process is designed to support medical students during their transition from medical school to employment as a doctor in training, in the first year of the Foundation Programme (F1). It is separate from the process of applying for registration with the GMC.
  2. It allows medical students to identify areas where they may need more support once they enter F1, in relation to:
    • health
    • welfare
    • professional performance and skills
    • professionalism.
  3. Students complete the STEP forms and the medical school signs them off. Medical schools can add extra information where appropriate.
  4. Medical students must include on the STEP form details of any fitness to practise or disciplinary cases that resulted in a written warning or sanction. This is to protect patient safety by making sure concerns can be tracked from medical school to postgraduate education and training and to make sure students can continue to be supported in relation to their development as a professional.
  5. It is important to note that the STEP process does not replace the need to report any fitness to practise issues to the GMC or to flag health and disability matters to employers.
  6. You can find more information in the UK Foundation Programme guidance on the process for students.