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Gateways to the professions

Gateways to the professions provides practical suggestions to support disabled medical students and doctors through education and training. We updated the guidance in 2014 to reflect outcomes from our 2012-13 health and disability review, which looked at where there may be scope to promote greater clarity and consistency in the support available.

We are currently carrying out another review of our work on health and disability, to continue improving access of disabled people into medicine. The review includes updating our Gateways to the professions guidance. We will have a public consultation in 2018 and plan to publish the revised version accompanying resources later in 2018.

Please note: The guidance does not lay down new requirements, quality assurance standards or ‘policies’ from us or any of the other organisations involved.

Inside Gateways to the professions

Supplementary information

We’ve written some supplements to the Gateways to the professions guidance:

Who is this document for?
This guidance is aimed mainly at medical schools, but will also interest organisations involved in postgraduate medical training, and many individuals.
Why do you need this document?
The medical profession can gain real benefits from having disabled people in its ranks, enhancing the diversity and competency range of those who are enrolled.