A culture of support - what general initiatives are needed

While tailored support specific to an individual is vital, it is also important to make sure disabled learners feel welcomed and valued.

We want disabled doctors and students to have a more accessible and supportive training experience, so they can meet their required learning outcomes and have fulfilling and sustained careers in medicine. Welcomed and valued has been developed to help medical schools and postgraduate educators do this.

For effective support, it is key to bring together people with the appropriate knowledge of the course and training requirements, keep an open mind to possible solutions, consult the individual and also take the opinion of experts on board, and periodically review the support to make sure it is working. It is also important to make sure training environments foster a culture where disabled medical students and doctors are welcomed, and their contribution to the profession is valued.

Able medics podcast

Listen to episode four of our Able medics podcast where we hear advice from educators and disabled doctors themselves on the best ways to support those with health needs to have successful careers on the frontline of healthcare.

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A doctor looking at a book with a child and her mother

Shared experiences

Read the full experiences of other disabled medical students and doctors where they talk about what they bring to the profession, how their disability or health condition has been viewed, reasonable adjustments, moving through medical education and training, and what they would change to improve the culture of support.