Able medics podcast

Listen to Able medics, our podcast series that explores disabled doctors' reflections on what they bring to the profession, how they're viewed by patients and colleagues, and what support makes a difference to them.

While developing our Welcomed and valued guidance, we spoke to lots of disabled medical students and doctors, as well as those involved in their training. We want you to hear their stories.

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Episode one: Disabled doctors exist - celebrating your contribution to medicine

This first episode in our Able medics series explores the experiences of disabled doctors and celebrates their invaluable contribution to our health services.

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Episode two: How disability is viewed - by patients, colleagues and educators

In episode two we're talking about how disability is viewed by patients, colleagues and educators, and what impact that has on doctors who have their own health needs.

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Episode three: Supporting the individual - reasonable adjustments, flexibility and career transitions

In this episode we discuss how flexibility and tailored reasonable adjustments can help keep more medics in university and at work, and support them through challenging career transitions.

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Episode four: A culture of support - what general initiatives are needed

In episode four, educators and disabled doctors explain the best ways to support those with health needs to have successful careers on the frontline of healthcare.

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Able medics guests

Able medics was hosted by Ioanna Maraki, Education Policy Manager. Across the series we heard from:

  • Prof Andy Grant, Chair in Clinical Education at Swansea University
  • Dr Anita Bishop, GP trainee
  • Dr Hannah Barham-Brown, GP trainee
  • Prof Kate Thomas, Vice Dean and Programme Director for Medicine at the University of Birmingham
  • Dr Kelly Lockwood, retained GP
  • Dr Mike Masding, Foundation School Director in Wessex
  • Dr Su Sukumaran, Consultant Child Psychiatrist

All views shared in this series are personal and do not reflect the views of the GMC.