Standards and guidance for postgraduate curricula

Our standards and guidance set out requirements for developing and making changes to curricula, and advise on our approval processes.

These standards came into effect from 22 May 2017 and apply to all new curricula or curriculum changes submitted for approval.

The standards and related materials take the first steps towards delivering our commitments outlined in the recent review of flexibility in postgraduate training. We want to make UK postgraduate medical training more flexible for doctors, more responsive to patient and health service needs, and more able to meet the demands of modern, 21st century, practice.

Standards and guidance for developing curricula

We’ve developed revised standards and supplementary guidance.

Refining our standards and processes

During our standards for curricula and assessment review we developed new standards to replace Standards for curricula and assessment systems (pdf), new assessment guidance, and a refined approvals process. We consulted on draft standards in 2016, also asking about areas of the approvals process.

We consulted on developing the generic professional capabilities framework in 2015, and worked in partnership with the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in 2016 to produce the implementation guidance.

We will continue to work closely with colleges and faculties as we implement the new standards and processes.

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