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Updating our expectations of newly qualified doctors in the UK: reviewing the Outcomes for graduates

Until 10 January 2018, we’re consulting on revisions to our Outcomes for graduates which set out what newly qualified doctors from UK medical schools must know and be able to do.

How do I take part?

You can take part in the consultation by:

What is it about?

As part of our responsibilities, we set the Outcomes for graduates.

The Outcomes for graduates provide:

  • a guide for students on what they need to learn
  • a basis for medical schools to develop their curricula
  • a framework for us to regulate medical schools against
  • a guide for employers and those designing postgraduate training on what newly qualified doctors can be expected to know and do.

We have produced this revised draft of the Outcomes for graduates (pdf) with the help of a group of medical educationalists, doctors in training and lay people. We also reviewed the feedback we received on the outcomes since they were first published in 2009, and considered medical education outcomes and frameworks from outside of the UK, to learn from what other organisations are doing. We’re working with specialist organisations with expertise in education, diversity and communication, to make sure the revised Outcomes for graduates reflect contemporary language and educational methods.

We would now like your views on our proposals. We are particularly interested in hearing the views of patients and the wider public, medical schools and students, employers and doctors in training on whether anything should be added, what could be taken out and what we should emphasise.

What does this consultation ask?

This consultation asks 17 questions about the revised outcomes.

You don’t have to answer all of the questions. Please feel free to comment on any of the outcomes and procedures and make drafting suggestions if you would like to. Please also direct us to any reference material or research that you think would be helpful to our review.

Welsh version

A Welsh version of this page is available.

There is also a Welsh version of the consultation document (pdf).

What happens next?

We will consider all the responses to the consultation and prepare a final draft of the outcomes which we will take to our Council in spring 2018. Subject to Council’s views, we will publish a revised version of the outcomes in early summer 2018.

Further information

If you have any questions about our review of the Outcomes for graduates please email