Outcomes for graduates - Supplementary guidance for medical schools

Understanding and applying ethical guidance

What should newly qualified doctors know about our ethical guidance?

Good medical practice and explanatory guidance provides a list of our explanatory guidance that we expect newly qualified doctors to be familiar with, recognising that newly qualified doctors knowledge of our ethical guidance with grow the longer they are practising.


Understanding the law

What should newly qualified doctors know about the laws that apply to practising medicine?

The supplementary guidance on legislation provides a list of specific areas legislation that we expect newly qualified doctors to be able to understand the fundamental principles of.


Further reading

Is there any more information about undergraduate medical education that is relevant to the Outcomes for graduates?

In further reading we list documents published by other bodies which might be useful.


Mapping Outcomes for graduates to Tomorrow's doctors

What has changed in the updated version of the outcomes compared to the 2009 version? How do the outcomes for undergraduate medical education relate to postgraduate medical education and training?

This mapping document compares the 2009 outcomes with the updated outcomes and shows the changes that have been made. It also shows how the updated outcomes relate to our educational outcomes for postgraduate medical education and training, the Generic professional capabilities framework.