List of Registered Medical Practitioners

This page provides information about our online register, the List of Registered Medical Practitioners. This gives a list of doctors and their status on the register.

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How to use the online medical register

You can use the List of Registered Medical Practitioners - also known as the medical register - to check details of all the doctors who are registered with us.

It gives details of:

  • doctors' reference numbers and gender 
  • the year and place of doctors' primary medical degrees
  • status on the medical register, including whether doctors hold a licence to practise
  • date of registration
  • entry on the GP and Specialist Registers
  • any publicly available fitness to practise history since 20 October 2005

Our leaflet, Understanding a doctor's registration, helps patients understand why doctors have to be registered with us. It explains why only those doctors who are registered with the GMC with a licence to practise may treat patients by law.  

Informing us of a deceased doctor

To make sure we update our records accurately, please let us know when a doctor has died. To do this, send us either a copy of the death certificate or a death certificate verification form certified by a solicitor. You can get a copy of the death certificate from the relevant registry office.

List of Registered Medical Practitioners Download Service

The entire List of Registered Medical Practitioners is available to download on a subscription basis. You can find further information and data descriptions in our LRMP subscription service user guide and order form (pdf).

Organisations may wish to download the entire register as a flat file and import this into a database. This is a useful way of adding publicly available registration information to existing systems. For example, medical staffing officers may find it useful to add up-to-date registration data to their personnel systems. We recommend that database developers use doctors' GMC reference numbers to match and import our data. This is a unique identifier.

Please note that the medical register does not contain doctors' contact details, such as their practice address.

The LRMP file is updated daily. We provide a full extract of the register and a "delta" file of daily updates. You can download the files using our secure web portal. We provide the files on a subscription basis at a cost of £600 (+VAT) per year.

If you would like further information about this service, please read our FAQs or contact the GMC's Information Policy team by email:

Checking historical information in the medical register

The medical register was published in book form between 1859 and 2004. We have worked with genealogy company to make the majority of this information available online. has digitised every fourth register from 1859 to 1959. These are fully searchable and you can view original register entries online. Visit their website for further information.

If you wish to consult an original copy of the Register, most large public libraries hold copies of it. Alternatively you can contact one of the UK and Irish copyright libraries (pdf).