Taking part in an assessment

As part of the assessment, the assessment team will often choose to gather information from those that have worked with the doctor being assessed. They are interested in colleagues’ experience of working with the doctor and their comments about the doctor’s day-to-day practice. The doctor is also invited to put forward a colleague, we will tell you if you were selected by them. 

Interviews are broader in scope than questionnaires. The team will usually request an interview from colleagues who are likely to have experience of the doctor’s performance in a range of different areas.

Your participation will help the team build a full picture of the doctor’s performance. Your comments will form part of the evidence they use to assess the doctor’s performance and fitness to practise. They will be referenced in their report to us.

You may have already provided evidence to an internal investigation, or directly to us. If so, the assessment team are unlikely to have seen this because performance assessments are conducted independently of any GMC investigation and the team collect their own evidence. 

If you have documentation, which you think the assessors should see, please discuss this with us before attempting to provide it to the assessment team. Additional documents are accepted at the team’s discretion. 


The fact that a performance assessment is taking place is confidential, please do not share this information. It is also important that your comments are your own evidence and opinion. You should not discuss our request, or your response, with the doctor under assessment or anyone else, except in the following circumstances:

  • Where you wish to talk to someone about our request for the purposes of obtaining support. This can be one other person, for example, a union representative or your manager. They must not coach you or influence the answers you give.
  • Where you share responsibility for the supervision or management of the doctor under assessment with someone else and you wish to confer with your counterpart.

What we share

The assessment is a transparent process. We will tell the doctor under assessment that we’ve approached you. We will also send them any completed questionnaires, interview transcripts and supporting documentation the team have received. You may request a copy of the transcript.

If this case is later referred to a Medical Practitioners Tribunal, your details and the information you provided may be given to the legal teams preparing the case and may be put before the Tribunal. If, in our opinion, your response includes information which needs be considered by our investigation team, we will pass it to them.