Declining to take part

When deciding how you’ll respond to the assessment team’s request, please remember that they are asking for your help with an objective assessment. Your participation will help them gain a full picture of the doctor’s professional performance and reach a fair conclusion.

We can’t make you take part.  However, if you are a doctor, nurse or a member of another regulated profession, we encourage you to consider your professional obligations when deciding whether or not to assist the team.  Good medical practice says doctors ‘must cooperate with formal inquiries and complaints procedures, and must offer all relevant information….’ (paragraph 73). The Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Code says nurses and midwives must ‘cooperate with all investigations and audits. This includes investigations or audits either against you or relating to others’ (paragraph 23).

If you've been asked to give an interview, but are concerned about whether you have enough recent knowledge of the doctor’s practice, please discuss with us before arranging your interview.