Colleague questionnaires

These contain standard questions which cover:

  • your professional relationship with the doctor and how well you know their practice
  • the workplace
  • your experience of the doctor as a colleague
  • the doctor’s relationships with patients, if they are in a patient-facing specialty

Additional questions may be chosen by the team if they think there are areas of the doctor’s performance that you are well placed to comment on.  They might, for example, include a question about the doctor’s educational activities if you are the doctor’s educational supervisor.  There will be no questions about specific incidents or allegations.

Most questionnaires contain between 5 and 9 questions.

It is important that you answer as best you can.  You’ll be encouraged to support your comments with examples but please do not include patient names.   

If the team decide it is necessary to clarify an answer you’ve given, they may ask us to contact you again.  If further detailed information is needed, they may ask us to arrange a recorded call with you.

Where possible we will give you at least two weeks to complete the questionnaire.