Guidance for doctors’: requirements for revalidation

Restoring a licence to practise

If your licence is restored, we will give you a new revalidation submission date. This date will depend on your previous registration and revalidation history. 

You can find out more about how to apply for restoration of your licence and the evidence required.

6.1 Restoring a licence after withdrawal for failing to meet revalidation requirements

If we withdrew your licence because you failed to meet our requirements for revalidation you will need to meet the requirements that you failed to meet when we withdrew your licence.

It is possible that we will need further information at the point you apply to restore. If so, we will tell you what you need to send us.1

6.2 Revalidating before licence restoration

In very limited circumstances2, we may ask you to revalidate before deciding whether to restore your licence.  The circumstances where we may require this are if:

  • you have not revalidated within the five years before you applied to restore your licence3
  • we have reasonable grounds to consider that you gave up and then restored your licence to avoid revalidation.4

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2 Regulation 5(5).
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4 Regulation 5(6)(b).