What is a suitable person?

A suitable person is a licensed doctor we have approved as suitable to make a revalidation recommendation about your fitness to practise. They should:

  • make sure you are taking part in annual appraisal (through their organisation or through an agreement with another medical appraisal provider)
  • make revalidation recommendations for you.

To do this, they will have processes in place to:

  • monitor any concerns which might arise about your practice 
  • keep records of evaluations of your fitness to practise, including annual appraisals and any other investigations or assessments
  • make sure you're complying with any conditions imposed by, or undertakings agreed with, the GMC.

Typically they will be:

  • responsible for the clinical governance or appraisal processes in your organisation
  • the responsible officer of a designated body you work for but do not have a connection to
  • the medical director of an organisation or membership body that supports doctors who do your particular type of work.

Suitable persons must follow all revalidation guidance and instructions for responsible officers, except where we specify otherwise.

How should a doctor find a suitable person?

There are two ways to find a suitable person: 

  1. Ask someone who already acts as a suitable person for a cohort of doctors to connect to you – our connection tool directs doctors towards suitable contacts.
  2. Ask someone who is not currently a suitable person to become one.