How do I become a suitable person?

Doctors without a connection to a responsible officer can find a suitable person in one of two ways:

A cohort is a group of doctors who have a shared characteristic in their work, for example, doctors who work for a specific organisation or are members of a faculty.

Applying to become a suitable person

If you would like to act as a suitable person you must make an application to us, even if you are already acting as a responsible officer. To apply you should:

  • read the criteria for being a suitable person
  • talk to your own responsible officer
  • call us on 0161 923 6602 so that we can assess whether you broadly meet our criteria for a suitable person. If you do, we will send you a suitable person application form.
  • complete the form, demonstrating how you fulfil the criteria and how you will meet your responsibilities.

How we assess your application

We’ll assess your application by checking that:

There is no fee for becoming a suitable person and if you complete your application fully, providing the required supporting documentation, it shouldn’t take longer than two months. 

When we approve your application, we’ll add you to the list of suitable persons on our website and send you an email confirming you are an approved suitable person for a specific cohort or cohorts of doctors.

Adding doctors to your list

If in future you are approached by a doctor whose practice falls within your approved cohort, you can add them to your list using your GMC Connect account without needing to gain additional approval from us.

If they don’t, you will need to make a new application to us for that doctor or the cohort they belong to.

Please note that we cannot help you to find groups of doctors to be a suitable person for.