Becoming and acting as a suitable person

A suitable person is a licensed doctor we have approved to make revalidation recommendations about a doctor’s fitness to practise in the absence of a connection to a responsible officer.

Typically suitable persons will be:

  • responsible for the clinical governance or appraisal processes in their connected doctors’ organisation
  • the responsible officer of a designated body their connected doctors work for but do not have a connection to.

This guide provides:

  • a checklist of the criteria you must fulfil if you wish to become a suitable person
  • the process for becoming a suitable person
  • the roles and responsibilities you must fulfil once you are approved as a suitable person.

It also provides checklists of:

  • the responsibilities of responsible officers
  • the responsibilities of designated bodies
  • good practice for sharing revalidation information, prepared by the GMC with the support of partner organisations. 

Suitable persons must follow all revalidation guidance and instructions for responsible officers, unless otherwise specified, as outlined in our step-by-step process for suitable persons.

Who is this guide for?
This guide is for individuals who are interested in becoming a suitable person or who are already acting as suitable persons.
Why you need to read this guide
Every licensed doctor must revalidate. Suitable persons play an important role in carrying out revalidation recommendations and governance functions in the absence of a responsible officer.