Request a certificate to show your good standing with us

Doctors who have been or are registered with us can ask for a certificate of good standing to send to another regulator or an employer.

What is a certificate of good standing? 

We send certificates of good standing to overseas regulators and employers to confirm a doctor’s good standing with us. A certificate of good standing will show among other things whether, at the time of issuing, there are any restrictions on the doctor’s practice.

In the European Union these documents are known as certificates of current professional status. 

We can issue a certificate of good standing if you want to work overseas in the near future. We will only send the certificate of good standing directly to another appropriate body - for example a healthcare regulator or employer.

How to request a certificate of good standing

You can request a certificate of good standing for us to send to an overseas regulator or employer from GMC Online. If you have never been registered, we can't issue a certificate of good standing.

  • log in to your GMC Online account 
  • from the left hand menu choose My registration
  • then My CCPS requests.

If you’re registered with us and don’t have a GMC Online account, you can activate your account with us

As well as requesting a new certificate of good standing you can also view previous requests you have made.

We’ll send you a confirmation email when we’ve sent your certificate of good standing .

If you have any problems with your request please contact us.

We process requests as quickly as possible, usually within ten working days. But, in case of delay, you should allow as much time as possible for the certificate of good standing to be delivered. Check with the relevant overseas authorities if you need one and the timescales they need to get it by.

We'll contact you if we can't send the certificate of good standing for any reason.

What it shows and who we issue them to

A certificate of good standing shows at the time it’s issued:

  • details of your current registration and licence status
  • registration history
  • identifying information
  • there are no fitness to practise proceedings in progress or contemplated by us.

The certificates are issued in English.

Find a medical regulatory authority’s contact details

You can find out which medical regulatory authority to contact in our Certificate of good standing database.