How do you appeal your PLAB 2 result?

Who can appeal their result?

Candidates who have attempted any part of the exam have grounds to appeal their result if their performance has been adversely affected by:

  • irregularity in the conduct of the exam, including administrative errors

  • unexpected and/or exceptional circumstances that arose during the exam.

If your performance was affected by the above, and this was not resolved on the day of the exam, you are advised to submit information as soon as possible and not wait until after you receive your results. This is to make sure you submit information while it is still fresh in your mind, and will allow us to look into any issues as soon as possible.

We will not accept an appeal for other reasons, such as:

  • you consider that your efforts were under-marked

  • you did not understand or were unaware of the exam procedures

  • you seek to question the exercise of professional or academic judgement.

How do you appeal?

You must contact us regarding your appeal within ten working days of the publication of your results. You must provide a full explanation and any evidence to explain: 

  • what happened
  • how this adversely affected your performance
  • how this meets our grounds for appealing your result.

If you submit your appeal later than our deadline, you must include an explanation and evidence to explain why you could not submit it sooner. We will then decide whether we can still consider your appeal.

How do we consider your appeal?

If we consider you have sufficient grounds for appeal, we will submit all relevant information and evidence to a decision maker.

The decision maker will then decide whether to uphold your appeal and offer an appropriate resolution if they do.

We will inform you of our decision and offer any resolution in writing.

What are the potential resolutions to an appeal?

If we decide to uphold your appeal, we may consider the following:

  • annulling your result
  • allowing you a free attempt
  • allowing you an additional attempt
  • any combination of the above.

Other options may be considered at the discretion of the decision maker.

If we decide the appeal is unsubstantiated or outside the permitted grounds, we will let you know.

What if you want to submit feedback or a complaint, and not an appeal?

If you want to provide feedback or make a complaint about any aspect of the exam, you can email us at

We may reclassify appeals as complaints, or vice-versa, at any stage in proceedings. We will let you know if we think this is required and consider any response you provide.