You can read all about the steps we’re taking to protect candidates, and the changes to the test format on our PLAB 2 information pages.

Opening more PLAB 2 places

We reopened our Clinical Assessment Centre (CAC) and restarted PLAB 2 tests in August. In order to comply with the UK government’s guidance on social distancing and safe workplaces, the number of candidates we’ve been able to test in one sitting has been lower than normal. But after successful pilots, test days and feedback from candidates, we’re now assured that we can double our daily capacity and run test circuits twice a day.

This means that we can release more places. Candidates who have already had one or more bookings cancelled because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are our first priority, along with those who have refugee status, or a job offer. This is how we’re releasing places:

  • On Thursday 15 October, candidates who had an original booking between 18 March and 30 June 2020 will be able to book a place.
  • In November, candidates who had an original PLAB 2 date after 30 June which was subsequently cancelled, will then be able to book a place.

We’re doing everything we can to maximise the number of PLAB 2 places for other candidates. Next year we’ll have at least 7000 places in our clinical assessment centre, and we’re actively exploring how we can increase this number even further.

We’re also looking at a range of other options to help international medical graduates demonstrate their knowledge and skills. This includes improving access to alternative routes to the register and considering whether we can accept alternative exams.

Thank you for your continued patience as you wait to book your place. We know this year has been very challenging for doctors who want to practise in the UK.

Local coronavirus alert levels

The local coronavirus alert levels introduced by UK government don’t currently affect our ability to run PLAB 2. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and we’ll keep you up to date with the latest information.

The health and safety of PLAB candidates is our priority.

You can also read our risk assessment: PLAB – Running limited exams during COVID-19 outbreak.