Which qualifications need to be verified?

Which qualifications need to be verified?

Most applicants will only need to have their primary medical qualification verified.  However, if you’re applying because you hold an acceptable postgraduate qualification (PGQ), you will also need to have your PGQ verified.

If you are applying for CESR with full registration or CEGPR with full registration, you will only need to have your primary medical qualification verified by ECFMG.

The primary medical qualification that you should verify is your Final Medical Diploma. The Final Medical Diploma is issued by your medical school or university after you have completed all necessary requirements and have been awarded your medical degree.

The Final Medical Diploma may also be referred to as the Primary Medical Qualification, Carton Degree, Conferral Certificate, Decorative Degree, or Diploma that is used for framing and wall-hanging purposes.

We do not require you to have medical school transcripts, evidence of pre-graduate internships, or alternate graduation documents verified by ECFMG in support of your application.

What happens if I’ve already had my qualification verified by ECFMG?

If your qualification has already been verified by ECFMG, you won’t need to have it verified again. Simply enter your existing EPIC ID number on your application. If your qualification has already been verified by ECFMG for ECFMG Certification, or through ECFMG’s International Credentials Services (EICS), you will need to create an EPIC account.  However, ECFMG may be able to use that previously verified qualification to complete your request.  After you create your account, ECFMG will review your file, and if it is acceptable, ECFMG will add your previously verified qualifications to your EPIC Portfolio.